The best protection you can give your home.

With an ever increasing emphasis over the past few years on the need for security, homeowners are becoming more conscious of the need to secure their home and its contents.

If your home is burgled, it becomes the most important and consuming issue at the time. Home invaders often operate in groups or gangs seeking out vacated properties

Unfortunately, house alarms and armed response do not always deter such criminals.

It is an unfortunate fact that in today's environment a house alarm during daylight hours is often ignored, and seen as a noisy inconvenience at night.

Whilst nothing is ever 100%, locking doors and windows can give a false sense of security. Time and darkness are on the criminals side.

Neighbourhood watches do serve as an additional security blanket, but, who can be at all places all of the time. A sad tale told by one of our new clients should serve as a caution. They had locked up their house, given the keys to a friendly neighbour and put the dog in the kennels.

When they returned four weeks later, it was to an empty house. Not one piece of furniture left and every closet and drawer empty! The kind neighbour saw nothing and heard nothing. Oh! and bye the way, the house alarm was deactivated. The best protection you can give your home is a 24 hour alarm monitoring coupled to a live-in-sitter.