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If I select the 24 hour service what do I need to provide for the carer?

You are requested to provide basic supplies such as tea, coffee, sugar, butter spread and cooking oil.

The use of kitchen utensils, bathroom and toilet (carer will provide own towels, toiletries, shampoos, soap etc).

The provision of a bedroom with clean bed linen.

If I select the night-time service what do I need to provide for the carer?

In terms of supplies you will need to provide tea, coffee, and sugar.

The use of kitchen, bathroom, toilet and bedroom would be the same as above.

What are the costs?

Please refer to our Rates page.

At House Sitters Cape we not only strive to be competitive, but also offer value for money.

We believe in "value added services".

What about complaints or negligence?

All of our carers are retirees in whom you can trust, however, should you have a genuine complaint please contact us and we will attempt to address your problem.

Except where negligence can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, House Sitters Cape cannot be held responsible for any damages, theft or burglary. Home owners should consult their insurers.

What if I return earlier or later?

In the case of returning earlier, any refund will be deducted from the 50% due on your return. If you return later, you will be given a revised invoice on your return.

What about visitors whilst I am away?

Our carers have the right to company, such a person would be approved by House Sitters Cape.

Please note, all the above services will require you to provide the carer with house key(s) and any applicable remote control(s).

If your home is alarmed, any code should be given to the carer only who will treat such code in strict confidence.

What about the walking of my dog(s)?

This applies to the 24 hour service.

You will need to advise Home Sitters Cape when making your booking so that we can advise your sitter accordingly.